Custom test case description

The previous sections show all samples using Excel files. As already mentioned it's also possible to use different file-types, e.g. XML or CSV files. But you can also think about evaluate the result of a web-service. Therefore, you will need to implement Server-scripts reading the required information like test step name, component names or variables for QF-Test. Setting variables can be achieved by the methods rc.setLocal bzw. rc.setGlobal.

Once those variables have been set it will become necessary to call test case or procedures. Therefore, you can use the methods rc.callTest or rc.callProcedure. You can find a full API description at chapter 11.

You can also find a few samples in the provided test suite of the manual tester (qftest-7.1.4/demo/manualtester) or in the integration of the imbus TestBench (qftest-7.1.4/ext/testbench).