Record actions and checks for Android

  • Please press on the Record Button to see what is going to happen for Android testing in QF-Test.
  • A special recording windows will open showing the content of either the emulator or the real device. This special window is necessary, as it is currently not possible to directly capture events from the emulator or real device. So you need to capture actions and checks via this special window.
  • It offers buttons for resizing the content area. Please also note that the content area just shows an image of the device screen. It needs to be updated manually by using the Refresh refresh button. There is also an auto refresh toggle button Refresh to perform this automatically.

    Figure 16.19:  QF-Test Android recording window
  • Now you can try and record and also replay actions or checks. It may feel a bit clumsy in the beginning, but you will get used to the recording window soon.
  • Despite these Android recording specifics, QF-Test should work and behave as with any other GUI Technology, except for the known restrictions described in subsection 16.1.2.
  • Goodies:

    The recording window also has some goodies to mention. In the bottom line left it shows the mouse coordinates, which may become handy if you need to work with absolute mouse clicks. On the right, it indicates the type of the last highlighted component.

    There is a Inspector toolbar button on the recording window to open a UI inspector window, see UI Inspector, displaying all visible components including the size and coordinates. This is more to help tracking down issues with component recording and recognision issues, but may become handy here and there.