Component hierarchy

The nesting is used in 'Component event' for recognition as well.

With 'Component' nodes, the containers of a component are recorded as well. Whether they should be used for recognition with a present 'Name' attribute can be controlled with the options Name override mode (replay) and Name override mode (record). The best setting for each is described in About setting identifiers.

'Component' Nodes can be moved from deep nestings to higher-level nodes in the component tree, as long as this flattening of the component hierarchy does not affect recognition. Sometimes this approach can even lead to better recognition stability, especially if the recognition criteria for the parent nodes are unstable, or if parent components do not always exist (for example scroll panels that are inserted into the GUI hierarchy only as needed).

With a SmartID, the component hierarchy can also be used for recognition. Here, the to be used component (or even multiple components) is explicitly specified in the SmartID. More information can be found in SmartID syntax for component hierarchies.

Via Scope, the search area for components can be limited to a certain level of the hierarchy during replay.