Customizing QF-Test for your AJAX toolkit with CustomWebResolver

4.0+ Besides the specifically supported AJAX toolkits (see section 45.3) there are lots of other standard toolkits on the market. In addition many companies implement their own customized toolkit or extend standard toolkits to their needs. This huge variety of different ways of creating web pages requires a very flexible handling of web pages and its components by tools like QF-Test.

QF-Test provides a generic, configurable approach to cope with the challenge. The CustomWebResolver influences the component recognition algorithm of QF-Test in a way that it matches your specific web page implementation.

Utilizing the CustomWebResolver changes the way QF-Test looks at your components. It will recognize your business components like buttons or data-tables instead of the pure HTML components. Furthermore, it's possible to ignore certain HTML components in the recognition algorithm. This reduces the complexity of a web-page from the full HTML structure to the actually used and relevant business components or data-containers which will then be recognized by QF-Test. So, the tester can focus on creating the test-cases and using the business components like buttons or data-tables.

Besides reducing the complexity the tester can also make use of the default mechanisms which QF-Test provides for every business component. It's then possible to access a table-cell directly via index (see chapter 6) or use table-specific checks like "Check the entire row" or "Check the heading of the column".

Determining specifics of your web page
Example for WebCarConfigurator