Shows content as tree. Can be used to show values in certain categories.

Web For the HTML mapping of a tree please refer to subsection 49.1.4.

Kind: Component

Coordinates for mouse click: Sub-items or exact co-ordinates

Feature: None; for web components see 'Feature' for web components

qfs:label*: Associated label, Label close to it, Tooltip

qfs:type: None

Additional checks:

Name in PopupDescriptionName of checktypeEngine
All visible nodesAll visible nodes in the treeitemsAll
All visible nodes with selectionAll visible nodes in the tree including their selection stateitems_with_selectionAll
All nodes with nestingAll nodes in the tree including their nesting levelnested_nodesAll
All visible nodes with nestingAll visible nodes of the tree including their nesting levelvisible_nested_nodesAll
Table 59.39:  Checktypes for Tree