Stands for a selectable option. It is typically used for selecting a state, if various states are allowed.

Kind: Component

Coordinates for mouse click: Most appropriate position or center

Feature: Own text or tooltip; for web components see 'Feature' for web components

qfs:label*: Associated label, Own text, Label close to it, Tooltip, Description of icon


RadioButton:ComboListItemRadioButtonRadioButton inside a ComboListItem
RadioButton:ListItemRadioButtonRadioButton inside a ListItem
RadioButton:MenuItemRadioButtonRadioButton inside a MenuItem
RadioButton:TableCellRadioButtonRadioButton inside a TableCell
RadioButton:TreeNoradioButtonRadioButton inside a TreeNode
Table 59.22:  Special qfs:type values for RadioButtons

Additional checks:

Name in PopupDescriptionName of checktypeEngine
CheckedCheck the current selection of that radiobutton.checkedAll
Table 59.23:  Checktypes for RadioButton