Contains various components. Can be used to organize the UI.

Kind: Component

SmartID: Class must be included except for Panel:TitledPanel

Coordinates for mouse click: Exact co-ordinates

Feature: Title, if existing; for web components see 'Feature' for web components

qfs:label*: Title


Panel:AccordionContentContains components of an Accordion.
Panel:BreadcrumbContains Breadcrumb-Links for quick navigation.
Panel:CollapsiblePanelCan be expanded and collapsed.
Panel:FooterUsed to show a dedicated footer area.
Panel:FormUsed for entering values as a form.
Panel:HeaderUsed to show a dedicated header area.
Panel:LegendContains components which act as a legend of graphics.
Panel:MainPanelUnique main panel of an application.
Panel:PaginatorContains buttons to switch pages.
Panel:OptionGroupContains several RadioButtons.
Panel:ScrollPanelIs scrollable and contains a ScrollBar.
Panel:TabPanelContentContains components of the selected TabPanelItem of a TabPanel.
Panel:TitledPanelHas a dedicated title.
Table 59.19:  Special qfs:type values for Panel

Additional Checks: None