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The visitor address of our main office is now in the office building in Bürgermeister-Graf-Ring 10 in 82538 Geretsried-Gelting.

It's time to move on: QF-Test 5.0 is a major step forward - not just with its new look and support for native Windows applications, but also with other enhancements that make automated testing more convenient and reliable.

In this release we completely re-wrote the manual chapters for web testing and especially the use of the central procedures qfs.web.ajax.installCustomWebResolver.

Also included are support for Eclipse/SWT 4.14 alias "2019-12", updates for the latest browsers like Microsoft Edge 80 or Opera 64 and 65 as well as some bug fixes.

This maintenance release includes support for Eclipse/SWT 4.13 alias 2019-09 and for the latest Java 13 version as well.

This medium upgrade comes with support for Java 13, OpenWebStart, Electron 6 and Opera 62. The embedded Chrome Browser was updated to CEF version 73 as well.

Hightlights of this release: Support for Opera browser, Support for new Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium,

Support for SWT 4.12 alias 2019-06, Preview: Testing native Windows applications


From June 24 - 27, 2019 it takes place every day from 10 to 11.30 CEST and 14 to 15.30 CEST. Just register via

You have a Windows application with Win32, .NET, Windows Forms, WPF, Windows to test? Then try QF-Test in the Early Access version.

We proudly announce that we were awarded as "Great Place to Work" and won first prize in the categories "Best employer of ICT industry" and "Best employer in Bavaria".

Dear QF-Test users and interested parties,

Have you already discovered the new features in QF-Test 4.5? We would like to invite you to our next special webinar "What's new in QF-Test Version 4.5 Mobile Emulation Mode, Electron testing etc.". The webinar is free, places are limited.

April 01, 201914:30 - approx. 15:00 CEST: What's new in QF-Test version 4.5? Mobile Emulation Mode, Testing Electron etc.
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104 News Gefunden

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