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Annotating screenshots with QF-Test


For many people a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why, in this article, we will show how to add various annotations to screenshots using QF-Test.

14. août 2023, Yann Spöri

Switching languages in QF-Test

QF-Test is multi-lingual – and many of our users are, too. In this post we explain how you can control the interface language of QF-Test.

07. février 2023, Max Melzer

Travailler en équipe avec QF-Test - Dos and Don'ts

[Translate to French:] Arbeiten im Team icon

Sure, a team of testers can handle extensive test projects faster and better than a single person. But some things that may seem simple at first actually can become much more difficult when working in a team.

02. février 2022, Max Melzer

Tester des fichiers Excel

[Translate to French:] Excel file Check

Excel files can be read into QF-Test using a simple procedure call where the procedure qfs.utils.files.readExcelFile must be called.

30. novembre 2021, Yann Spöri

Tester des navigateurs Brave, Vivaldi, Yandex, Iron

[Translate to French:] Weniger bekannte Browser

QF-Test natively supports testing websites with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, some others and even good old Internet Explorer. But there are plenty of other, lesser-known browsers that you might still want to run your tests with, such as Chromium, Brave, Iron, Vivaldi and Yandex.

19. octobre 2021, Max Melzer

TestRunListeners dans QF-Test

Ecouter icône

The TestRunListener interface can be used to execute additional actions before or after the execution of each node or in the case of any exception / error. This actions can (for example) be used for testdocumentation or error analysis. In the following some TestRunListeners are introduced (Jython server scripts).

18. août 2021, Yann Spöri

Créer des captures d'ecran avec QF-Test

Capture d'écran icône

It is relatively easy to take a screenshot of the complete picture with the help of QF-Test. For example, to create a screenshot of the current desktop, only the procedure logScreenshot must be called. (The following blog article explains how to insert a procedure call.)

29. juillet 2021, Yann Spöri