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JavaFX – More alive than ever

Photo: ZEISS

A few years ago I provocatively asked: "Is FX even still alive?" Today my answer would be: "More alive than ever", and that is not a given after the Covid years.

02. avril 2024, Gregor Schmid

From mgm's coffee kitchen to test automation with QF-Test

Lilia Gargouri is head of the mgm Quality Team together with Martin Varendorff. In this interview, she describes for us how she found her way to QF-Test, what's important to her in test automation, and about her hopes for the closer cooperation between our companies in the future.

22. septembre 2022, Thomas Max

Notre babyfoot - encore une fois, l'un des "employés" les plus importants

Le mercredi 27 avril 2022 au salon de l'emploi de Bad Tölz. QFS était représenté en tant qu'exposant avec Yann Spöri, Martina Schmid et le babyfoot de l'entreprise mentionné plus haut. Des jeunes de différentes écoles nous ont rendu visite - certes surtout attirés par le baby-foot.

05. mai 2022, Martina Schmid

Bienvenue à JavaLand 2022

In March of 2022, part of our development team visited the JavaLand conference. Here are some impressions from the event.

29. mars 2022, Max Melzer

Contre le Corona-Blues

Gregor Schmid sur tapis de marche

A testimonial by "Mr. QF-Test" who recently started to place a walking pad under his desk so that his work on QF-Test is now done walking and he is so happy with it that he even volunteered to write a blog about it.

02. mars 2021, Gregor Schmid

Covid-19 et télétravail chez QFS

Covid-19 Homeoffice Quality First Software

One of our colleagues tells about his experiences with Covid-19 and home office here at Quality First Software Gmbh in 2020.

12. novembre 2020, Mike Schmidt

Vraiment un 'Great Place to Work'? - Mon stage chez QFS

Carolin Tutsch

You are interested in QF-Test, you already have a trial version and/or want to know more about this company? Most of the time you can only catch a superficial glimpse of the companies on their websites. How the employees are and what it's like to work in this company is not really known. You may find an article or an award. Fantastic. But what is behind this appearance? I spent three weeks at QFS as an intern and would like to give you a little insight into the company behind the product.

28. octobre 2019, Carolin Tutsch