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Créer des rapports HTML/XML/Junit personnalisés

Rapport icône

Via le run-log, QF-Test fournit un journal détaillé des actions exécutées pendant un test. Les résultats globaux de ce journal peuvent être résumés dans d'autres rapports comme le rapport HTML/XML/Junit.

28. février 2019, Yann Spöri

Comment créer un appel de procédure?

Procedure Call

Procedures (also called function or subroutine) may be used in order to solve often (re-)occurring challenges. Like this, we may specify that certain successive actions are needed in order to solve a challenge (=programming a procedure). When we then encounter this challenge, we can simply call the procedure (and let the procedure solve this challenge for us).

22. février 2019, Yann Spöri

Capture & Relecture

Capture & Replay buttons

Even in early stages of development Capture & Replay offers a easy way to create tests. An early start of such regression tests and the assignment of unique names / IDs are the most important bases for efficient (due to stable recognition) test automation.

18. février 2019, Yann Spöri

Utiliser QF-Test comme calculateur

Calculator QF-Test

Sometimes it is necessary to perform mathematical calculations in QF-Test, e.g. in order to calculate the expected height of a GUI element in dependence of the complete window size or the exact clicking position for a mouse click.

05. février 2019, Yann Spöri