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Quelque chose ne fonctionne pas avec QF-Test

Questionsmark in a circle

You are working with QF-Test and something something doesn't work as expected? Then you can (as usually) search the Internet or do research at Stackoverflow... A faster way is going on our channels ...

04. juin 2019, Martina Schmid

Pas d'evénements basés sur des coordonnés et pas de dames basées sur des images! QF-Test est plus intélligent! Partie I

Web Testing is smart with QF-Test

Some days ago I had the pleasure to visit a Meetup Venue here in Leipzig, Germany. The topic was very interesting - "Experience with the introduction of Test Automation". Many of the participants consider Web GUI Testing very fragile and cumbersome to keep in "Tests OK" status that's why I I decided to write this series with the topic: No coordinates based Events and no Image based checks! QF-Test is smarter than that!

28. mai 2019, Plamen Vesselinov

Marquer les nœds avec des couleurs

Colored Nodes

In order to simplify test-suite editing it is possible to assign colored marks to nodes. This feature is especially (but not only) helpful in the context of complex find and replace operations - in this case, the color markers can for example be used to indicate that a node still needs revision or that a node was edited successfully.

14. mai 2019, Yann Spöri

Des Mouse Events dans les applications web

Mouse Events Explained - Web

QF-Test uses semi hard events as default (based on web ajax toolkit, browser and browser version, OS etc), but not all cases. There are three event types available.

06. mai 2019, Plamen Vesselinov

Désactiver un nœud

activated vs. deactivated node

In some cases it is helpful to disable nodes temporarily. Here is a short article how to do this.

03. mai 2019, Yann Spöri

Écrire vos propres vérificateurs


While testing an application, one of the most important steps is to verify that the actual state of the application is correct.

16. avril 2019, Yann Spöri

Si vous voulez travailler en Allemagne, bienvenue chez nous


QFS (Quality First Software GmbH) is one of the best employers of the ITC industry in Germany and also in Bavaria. We are located in Leipzig and in Geretsried (that’s between Munich and the Alps at the Isar river) and have won the Great Place to Work award already two times now.

09. avril 2019, Martina Schmid

Accéder des sous-éléments des composants GUI

Accéder des sous-éléments des composants GUI

In most cases we are dealing with more or less straight-forward GUI components,such as buttons and text fields. Nevertheless we often have to deal with morecomplex GUI components like trees, tables and lists too. These GUI components have sub-items.

01. avril 2019, Yann Spöri

Cryptage des mots de passe

Inscription du mot de passe avec QF-Test

Les informations sensibles comme les mots de passe doivent être traitées avec précaution. Cependant, il arrive souvent que les tests doivent remplir un formulaire de connexion et qu'ils nécessitent donc de connaître le mot de passe.

05. mars 2019, Yann Spöri