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Comment déboger les scripts Jython dans QF-Test?

Debug Jython Scripts in QF-Test

By the usage of script nodes QF-Test allows embedding of special custom functionality into your test-cases. Typically, these scripts are supposed to be short and relatively simple containing just dedicated functionality, whereas the majority of test logic is done via QF-Test visual nodes.

In this article I explain how to prepare an Eclipse or standalone Liclipse IDE to connect to the Jython interpreter of QF-Test and allow enhanced debugging.

30. janvier 2020, Karlheinz Kellerer

The license server was shut down and still uses only the old license

OK, this is a really special case, but with the increasing use of the QF-Test license server this case is happening more often. The license server just has to be reachable by all QF-Test instances, which use a compatible client license for the server license. When starting, they ask explicitly just this license server if the requested license is still available.

05. novembre 2019, Mike Schmidt

Vraiment un 'Great Place to Work'? - Mon stage chez QFS

Carolin Tutsch

You are interested in QF-Test, you already have a trial version and/or want to know more about this company? Most of the time you can only catch a superficial glimpse of the companies on their websites. How the employees are and what it's like to work in this company is not really known. You may find an article or an award. Fantastic. But what is behind this appearance? I spent three weeks at QFS as an intern and would like to give you a little insight into the company behind the product.

28. octobre 2019, Carolin Tutsch

Executer des cas de tests avec un tag special

Large test projects may consist out of several thousands of test-cases. Often executing them all would need a considerable amount of time, even if multiple machines are used in order to replay the different tests. The solution are tags.

01. octobre 2019, Yann Spöri

Automatisation des tests thèse


Comme nous avons également étudié et que nous souhaitons aider les étudiants à rédiger leur thèse sur les tests de logiciels, nous avons décidé de créer une liste de référence pour les sujets pertinents relatifs aux tests.

06. août 2019, Author unavailable

Utiliser QF-Test dans des systèmes Continuous Integration

Continuous integration QF-Test

Les systèmes d'intégration continue (CI-Systems) soutiennent les équipes dans leur travail constant sur les différentes sous-étapes du processus de développement logiciel.  L'objectif principal étant l'amélioration de la qualité des logiciels.

11. juillet 2019, Thomas Max

Veni, vidi, variavi – Utiliser des variables

Variables in QF-Test

There‘s no way around using variables if a test-suite has to to be flexible, reusable, and elegant. But where are variables set? Which value of the variable is used if I defined multiple ones at different positions? And how can I find out? This article aims to answer these questions.

10. juillet 2019, Daniel Rieth

Des nouvelles sur les QF modules print(…) et println(…)

print printin QF module

If you are working with QF-Test scripting nodes, no matter whether you prefer Jython, Groovy or JavaScript, you will come across the QF module sooner or later. This module, accessible in all script nodes and script terminals via the variable qf, holds a bunch of helper methods designed to make the life of a script programmer easier.

04. juillet 2019, Pascal Bihler