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28. mai 2019

Pas d'evénements basés sur des coordonnés et pas de dames basées sur des images! QF-Test est plus intélligent! Partie I

Hello fellow QA Experts!

Some days ago I had the pleasure to visit a Meetup Venue here in Leipzig, Germany. The topic was very interesting - "Experience with the introduction of Test Automation".

I was (not) surprised that many of the participants consider Web GUI Testing very fragile and cumbersome to keep in "Tests OK" status.

Especially in the early stages of the web development when Tests are already created the unexpected changes in the Web Page structure, Components' IDs or Names can lead to overwhelming tests tweaking. Furthermore lots people think that because of this limitation of automated web tests only Image Based Checks and Absolute Mouse-Events are used by testing-tool.

For those that do not know QF-Test very well and for those that have not evaluated QF-Test I have decided to write a few post Blog series with the topic:

No coordinates based Events and no Image based checks! QF-Test is smarter then that!


P.S. Many thanks for the great place and hosting of the Meetup at Saxonia Systems AG, Leipzig.

Stay tuned,

Plamen Vesselinov

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