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23. avril 2021

Premier QF-Test Meetup Suisse

Choo choo! Hop on board on the train to Switzerland!

Again and again customers are reporting back to us about their interesting solutions with QF-Test – in support, in training or as an advisor on location. We often get the question: “How do other customers do it? What problems have they encountered? What solutions have they found?” This resulted in the desire on our part to be able to show something, and in a desire for our customers to be able to see alternate solutions.

For a while we’ve had the idea to bring together the growing clientele from Switzerland. It was supposed to happen last year, but the COVID-pandemic had us looking for an alternative.

The idea just hasn’t left us alone – we wanted to go to the mountains so we planned the hike and invited the other travelers to an online meeting.

The time has finally come last Wednesday, April 14th 2021. Backpacks packed, we could start the online session five minutes before start. As punctual as a Swiss watch, all the participants were there at 5:30 - 13 QF-Test users and project managers from various companies. Three of us were there to represent QFS: Helena Aschenbrenner (sales) – thank you for organizing, Thomas Max (development) moderated the meetup, and me (testing) has the pleasure to write this blog post.

After a long, but interesting introduction round we got to see two presentations and get a look at development and testing processes, infrastructure, and testing architecture. Incredible how many possibilities of application there are for QF-test – like a Swiss army knife! How many testing cases are executed daily? How are tests started? Both presentations focused more on the testing strategies within the projects, as well as the place and role of test automations, rather than the technical implementation of the individual test cases. It was interesting to hear that test automation is being accepted more and more, and what lead to this. We have contributed to the evening as well, with Thomas presenting QF-Test’s newest feature, which is still in the development phase.

The meetup ended with an open Q&A and discussion round. We are planning to do meetings like this regularly in the future – several participants volunteered to do a short presentation next time. With many of our customers working in the Syrius environment and implementing complex frameworks for this, there is going to be a detailed presentation about that topic as well. This meetup will also serve as an exchange of experiences between all participants and can help optimizing their specific solutions.

And this is how three QFS team members from three locations in Germany traveled to Switzerland at the same time and came back home less than two hours later. I’m already looking forward to our next travel! Who wants to come along?

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