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16. octobre 2023

Revolutionizing Test Automation with AI: Insights from TACON 2023

The Test Automation Conference (TACON) 2023, hosted in Leipzig, Germany on September 26 and 27, was an exploration of AI’s transformative potential in the domain of software test automation. My attendance at TACON was driven by three core objectives:

  • to comprehend the extent of AI adoption in other organizations,
  • to assess our mgm standing in test automation, and
  • to foster connections with industry peers and test automation experts.

The TACON 2023 introduction

The role of AI in test case creation

One of the prominent topics discussed at TACON was AI’s role in test case creation.

Imagine AI generating test cases based on ticket descriptions or User Stories. The potential is undeniable, but challenges emerge. AI can produce an avalanche of test cases, often more than a human tester can handle. The critical questions arise: Who will ensure the quality of these generated test cases? Who will condense them into manageable sets? And, most importantly, who will execute and maintain this vast set of test cases?

AI for defect prediction

Another fascinating application is AI’s ability to predict defects, helping to mitigate potential issues before they reach production. By analyzing historical test data and code changes, AI becomes a proactive guardian, alerting development teams to potential pitfalls and enabling them to take corrective action early in the development cycle.

AI as a test result evaluator

Furthermore, AI assists in error analysis by swiftly identifying the source of issues through the analysis of test results and log files, enabling rapid and effective remediation.

Gravity by Smartesting

Gravity by Smartesting garnered attention for its innovative approach to test automation, leveraging AI-driven insights.

By tracking user activities in production and generating reports on the most visited actions, workflows, and pages, Gravity empowers QA teams to enhance test coverage effectively. It even generates test automation code on demand, making end-to-end tests more realistic and easy.

Sustainability in software development

Lastly, TACON reminded us of the pressing need for sustainability in software development. The digital footprint of our industry is undeniable, contributing to environmental challenges. Embracing the triple bottom line approach—evaluating software development from social, economic, and ecological perspectives—becomes a necessity.

Tools like the Digital Carbon Footprint Calculator are essential in measuring and reducing our ecological impact.

Tacon 2023 FootprintExplore your carbon footprint using

Tacon 2023 FontsThe fonts table shocked me! (Source:

mgm’s position in comparison

Our mgm A12 low-code platform and associated A12 test automation catalog (QF-Test, Smart ID, Resolver, ATA, TDG) are and remain outstanding. The mgm model-driven Quality tools (A12 Test Data Generator, A12 Automated Test Automation, A12 Test Data Suite) distinguish us from other companies and make us very special and also very efficient!

The QF Test approach to component detection, based on a logical UI derived from the physical UI, remains exceptional and contributes to very stable component detection.



TACON 2023 offered a glimpse into the future of test automation with AI at its core. From test case creation to predictive defect prevention, AI is reshaping the landscape.

As we are heading for AI transformation, it’s imperative that we do so responsibly, considering the environmental impact of our software development efforts. Let’s harness the power of AI while promoting sustainability for a better, more efficient future of software development and testing.

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