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Author: Yann Spöri
18. February 2019

Capture & Relecture

Once the capture and replay feature (black square) got activated we can simply perform (green arrow) the wanted actions (e.g. click a certain component of the application). Once the stop recording button gets pressed QF-Test will add the recorded actions into the currently opened test-suite.

Instead of long explanations, just take a look at QF-Test's operation:


Although recording a "complete test-case" in one go is perfectly legal, it is often a good idea to implement the different actions step by step (modularization). This way it is easier to gasp a recording problem (in case one is occurring). Apart from the different recording settings, it is possible to influence the recording via resolver scripts, too.

A significant part of all QF-Test tests have been - at least partly - created via the QF-Test capture and replay feature. Furthermore this feature has proven to be quite helpful - especially for beginners. The opposite of capture-replay is test creation via scripting.

The main goal of the capture & replay feature is to show/teach QF-Test the actions it should perform on the application it is testing. In the end QF-Test should be able to reproduce the shown steps (and thus to automatically perform the wanted test).

After QF-Test established a connection to the application it should test, the record button in the taskbar will become enabled.

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