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Getting Help

We take a short break in this section to give you a few tips that might prove helpful as you continue with the tutorial.

There are different places where you can look for help or information:

The most comprehensive search can be achieved via »Help«-»Online search...«. This navigates you to the search functionality on our homepage and allows querying throughout all available documentation (manual, tutorial, standard library, blog and our videos). Search results can be filtered as needed.

In case you work offline and want to search for a certain topic, the PDF versions of the manual or tutorial available via the »Help« menu can be used. The Offline HTML version doesn't have a content search option. However, there is a link to the PDF on every HTML page in the top and bottom lines so switching is easy.

QF-Test also offers a context sensitive help for tree node types and their details. To use it, simply press the right mouse button on an arbitrary tree node or attribute in the details pane. From the context menu select »What's this?«. This will directly bring you to the reference explanation of this item in the manual.

Beside getting help from the documentation you also have the option to contact our support team. During your evaluation phase or after that as customer with a valid maintenance contract you may issue your questions directly to our support experts (send an email to support@qfs.de or use the support form from the QF-Test help menu »Contact the support team« or call us +49 8171 - 38648 20). Contact details can be found at https://www.qfs.de/en/qf-test-support/product-support.html.