Dear QF-Test users and interested parties,

QF-Test 4.2.1 is now available for download.

Topics of this edition of our newsletter:

1. Highlights of QF-Test Version 4.2.1

2. New QF-Test Video for Features since 4.2

3. Next QF-Test Training Dates and Special Webinar

4. Release Notes for QF-Test 4.2.1

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P.S.: A brand new case study: QF-Test replaces Selenium at HPV

1. QF-Test Version 4.2.1 Released

Download-Link for QF-Test 4.2.1

This release adds support for testing SUTs based on Java 10. Thanks to the direct support for the mobile emulation mode of Chrome simulation of mobile browsers is now much easier. Also included are the usual updates for the current browser versions and a few bug fixes, but fewer than new features which is a remarkable feat for a dot-one version.

The detailed list of differences between QF-Test version 4.2.0 to 4.2.1 can be found in the Release Notes in section 4 of this newsletter or online.

2. New Video since QF-Test 4.2

Find an overview of all QF-Test features since version 4.2 in our latest video.

3. Next QF-Test Training Dates and Special Webinar

"The respondents see the biggest challenges in integrating the automation tools..." as Heise, the leading German computer magazine, interprets the World Quality Report 2017-18.
That's why you should attend one of our trainings! Decide which training/consulting fits best for you:

Training at QFS

We recommend to participate in our face-to-face training QF-Test training at QFS (compact course) in small groups.


March 13-15, 2018German
June 26-28, 2018German

Training via Webinar

You can save travel time and expenses by participating in one of our trainings via webinar:


Training via webinarDate
Standard webinar trainingtime by arrangement
Company webinar training 
(exclusively for your company)
time by arrangement

Special Webinar

Martin Moser continues his popular special webinars. A special webinar session lasts about 1.5 hours and costs 125 EUR (net) per participant. Reserve your seat via or +49 8171 38648-10.


April 17, 2018

Variable at will – Master QF-Test variables efficiently: global or local, dynamically generated or out of the application, from a data base or via Excel… (time by arrangement; German version day before)


And of course you can always book training or consulting individually for you and your company or on-site.

4. Release Notes for QF-Test 4.2.1

New Features:

  • Testing of Java 10 based SUTs is now supported.
  • The embedded Selenium WebDriver framework was updated to version 3.9.1, ChromeDriver to version 2.35 (with support up to Chrome version 64), and Mozilla GeckoDriver to version 0.19.1 which adds support for Firefox 58.
  • Chrome can now be started in mobile emulation mode via the new 'Procedure' qfs.web.browser.general.openMobileEmulation in the standard library qfs.qft.
  • Proxy settings are now also supported for Firefox and Chrome with WebDriver connection.
  • When nesting test-cases via a 'Test call' node the new attribute 'Act like a procedure call' determines how exceptions are handled inside the call. The now obsolete backwards compatibility option "Don't treat test calls inside test-cases like procedures" has been removed.
  • The new 'Procedure' qfs.utils.waitForOneOfNComponents in the standard library qfs.qft can be used to wait for one of several components to appear.
  • The 'Procedure' qfs.utils.readTextFromFile in the standard library qfs.qft can now handle different file encodings via the optional parameter fileencoding.
  • Markers and breakpoints can now be made persistent by adding the doctags @breakpoint, @red, @green etc. See section 51.1 for further information about doctags.
  • The parameters errorlevel and newerrorlevel for the @rerun doctag are now optional. See subsection 18.3.2 for details.
  • The 'Database password' attribute of the 'Database' node can now be encrypted.
  • QF-Test now supports native full-screen mode on macOS via the menu entry »View«-»Fullscreen« and the keyboard shortcut [⌃⌘-F].
  • On macOS the keyboard shortcut for reloading test-suites was changed to [⌘-R].
  • On Linux systems the embedded code editor now supports pasting text via the middle mouse button.
  • Bugs Fixed:

  • The PDF viewer now correctly rotates PDF documents.In Groovy scripts the rc.callProcedure call was broken when trying to use keyword argument syntax.
  • In Groovy scripts the rc.getNum method call inadvertently returned long instead of int.
  • In a few cases a broken system property set by QF-Test could interfere with SUT startup.
  • The bin directory of the JRE used for running QF-Test is now appended to the environment variable PATH for the SUT and not prepended as it was in QF-Test versions before 4.2.