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Remote lunch together

2021-06-29: At QFS we normally go out for lunch together 3-4 times a month. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become compulsory and these Tuesday lunch outings have been cancelled. Therefore, we had several remote lunch meetings, which were quite funny. Everyone picked up their food from a nearby restaurant or had it delivered, then we feasted and goofed off together from 12.00 - 13.00 o'clock, just like a normal lunch. For some of us, even in their own garden.

QFS is a Great Place to Work

2021-05-06: Great Place to Work (GPtW) 2021 - and the winner is? It was exciting once again this year: are we going to be able to defend our first places from past years (2018, 2019) in this competition of employers?

“Almost”, you could say – third place among IT-companies nationwide and fifth place among employers from Bavaria (out of 172 companies with the size of 10-49 employees competing).

“Looking at the high two-digit placements of our competitors certainly makes me very happy that WE have landed among the front places. I think we can be proud to have such a great team especially in these peculiar times, and I am really glad to be a part of it. We are also a little spoiled with our two first place rankings. After all, only companies that are already doing great are participating in this survey/awards. So be proud of yourselves and us”, wrote Thomas Max in the company audit for QFS.

The GPtW-team tried to contribute to a party atmosphere with interviews by managing director Andreas Schubert with award winners and celebrities (Eckhardt von Hirschhausen) about the topic “good leadership”, and with lively rhythms for dancing (Dante Thomas).

What was missing was the excitement of the award ceremony (counting down to number one) and especially naming the special features. In past years we have already heard many good ideas by other companies and incorporated some of them into our company (such as: employees picking organizations they want to donate to,  anticipation card for new employees…); on the other hand we also had the opportunity to explain our idea of the company success ladder at a previous award ceremony.

Alexandra Meßmer from Computerwoche gave an outlook to the IT-sector on the feedback from IT-companies to the question “What happens next after COVID?”: some companies prefer a hybrid work model (some employees on site, some on video chat). Others are preparing to get back to on site or office work. Another, entirely different direction is planning office day as an exception day, i.e. nobody should sit alone at their computer – instead, office day = holiday, with a barbecue etc. We at QFS have discussed this question in the past, between only working from home or only office work we will probably opt for a return to the tried and tested 2-3 days of home office/office work.

Speaking of celebrating: that didn’t go quite as well online… despite the party pack from GPtW; these tools will get good use for the QFS 20-year-celebration this summer.

Game nights

2021-04-2021: This Tuesday evening we had our first game night via teams with two rounds of "Codenames" and two rounds of "Gartic Phone". It was a lot of fun! More photos will follow after the next game night, which is scheduled for May.