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QFS receives Dörte-Sambraus-Award

2017-11-25, Geretsried, Germany: Quality First Software GmbH received the Dörte-Sambraus-Award. Private citizens, companies or organizations that support children and teenagers as Dörte Sambraus did get this award once a year. Quality First Software donates five percent of its profit to social institutions, e.g. Inselhaus Kinder und Jugendhilfe. Here are some newspaper articles of Münchner Merkur and Süddeutsche Zeitung (German only).

QF-Test at the JCON conference

2017-10-25, Dusseldorf, Germany: Dr. Pascal Bihler of QFS presented QF-Test within his speech: “It works, but does it work the way it should?” – GUI test automation for Vaadin projects” on the Java Community Conference JCON in Dusseldorf which took place for the first time. Mr. Bihler had a whole cinema hall on Wednesday 25th of October for his presentation. From the script: With RapidClipse you can create extensive projects either as web application, hybrid mobile app or classical Java desktop app efficiently and conveniently. HTML5 and Vaadin are the web technologies therefore. And with QF-Test the testing of such projects is also fun.

Great Place to Work at QFS: Workplace culture

2017-09-27, Wolfratshausen, Germany: This was a big day, the Great Place to Work (GPTW) Workshop. An experienced consultant of GPTW spent one day with us as company. The analysis of the antecedent employee survey concerning the corporate culture of QFS was presented and all employees were interviewed in small groups again about the culture of Quality First Software qualitatively. All positive aspects of cooperation and the small tweaks for an even better and more trustful collaboration were presented to the managing directors. These points will be optimized within the next weeks.

World of work at first hand 2017

2017-07-20, Geretsried – On Thursday morning five students from schools nearby of the classes that are near to their graduation participated in the project day “world of work at first hand”, QFS participated for the fourth time. The young people that are going to start working soon could choose out of 35 companies. In a very short period of time they learned to know QF-Test and tested the homepages of the three schools. They were equally talented in playing table football afterwards. 

City cycling - The challenge cup goes to QFS

2017-06-19 until 2017-07-09, Geretsried, Germany: In the city cycling event 2017 QFS won lots of prizes – we really merit these prizes, since we rode our bikes for three weeks. The challenge cup is now presented in the meeting room for the most active bicycle team in Geretsried (almost 2,000 km and 280 kg CO2 were saved). Especially one of our colleagues from Leipzig cycled after our summer party from Geretsried back home to Leipzig in three days. The committee had good intuition: The winner's old backback was not very comfortable and so his prize was a new trekking backpack.

QFS on camels

2017-06-30 - 2017-07-01, Valley, Germany: The 30th of June will stay positive in remembrance of lots of QFS employees and family members. When do you usually ride a camel – in Bavaria, sleep in an oriental tent between camels, lamas, alpacas, goats, horses and … boas? All this and even more happened on the 30th of June and in the following night at the camel farm. The lively and motely QFS team discovered the Mangfall valley by foot and on camels and was even influenced by the stoic calm of the animals. Back at the farm an Indian buffet was served in the oriental tent where also the snake show took place and some of us cured their aversion against boas by touching them. At the campfire the guitar was played and the small fell asleep and dreamed like the large afterwards in the oriental tent of The Arabian Nights.

Quo vadis QF-Test?

2017-05-03 - 2017-05-04, Erlangen, Germany: This was the key question of the workshop with the developers of QF-Test and the QFS managing directors.

Die expectations of the participants from the two locations Geretsried and Leipzig were multifaceted. Speeches to the actual topics were held for getting everyone to a uniform level of knowledge and for the completion of these topics project teams were created.

Visions became goals and an actual roadmap. Since the developers are testers and supporters “by the way”, in part also consultants, admins or managing directors, an organizational solution was found how these technical visions can be implemented successfully. Highly motivated and with new structures, we will surely achieve these goals.

QFS at the OOP conference in Munich

2017-01-31 – 2017-02-02, Munich, Germany: The Sales Team and Martin Moser represented QFS at the OOP conference in Munich. Software quality has now also reached the heart of this developer conference: We had a stand at the Quality Tower and presented the latest QF-Test version.

Thank you to all clients and interested people, who came by for a visit.

Winter sports at QFS: Bavarian curling

2017-01-23, Geretsried, Germany: At the sunniest winter day in January we spent an extended lunch break at a nearby pont. We played Bavarian curling in changing teams and enjoyed the bright sunshine as well as hot tea and good food.