Testing Android applications

This chapter covers test automation of Android native applications.

Video There is a short introductory video about Android testing available on our QF-Test YouTube Channel.

In June 2022, a special webinar took place about Android Testing with QF-Test. After a bit of theory the detailed way of working with emulator and real device is demonstrated.

Video Here you can find the special webinar video recording available on our QF-Test YouTube Channel.

Note In case you want to test mobile Web applications, we recommend to check out the options of the mobile emulation mode of the chrome desktop browser as describe in section 14.6. Even though is possible to use a web browser on an Android device (given that it supports the accessibility interface), the mobile emulation mode offers better automation features and less overhead for mobile web testing.

Preconditions and known restrictions

Emulator or real device

Installing Android Studio, emulator and virtual devices (AVD)

Connecting to a real Android device

Create a QF-Test setup sequence for Android testing

Record actions and checks for Android

Android utility procedures