Connecting to a real Android device

To use a real Android device for testing it needs to have USB debugging enabled and connected to the machine via USB cable.

Also an Android SDK is required on your machine. Even though it may be sufficient to just install a dedicated package for the Android SDK command line tools we strongly recommend install the full Android Studio as described in section 16.3

Enable USB debugging

Please activate USB debugging for your real device. Typically following steps are necessary:

  1. Navigate to "Setings" -> "About 'Device'".
  2. Click seven times at Build-Number, then "Settings" -> "Developer options" will get visible
  3. There activate the option "USB debugging"

The reference documentation how to activate USB debugging can be found at

Connect to PC via USB cable

  • After connecting the Android device to the PC, you may be asked on the device whether to allow USB debugging from this PC and whether to allow this permanently. You need to confirm this.