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[QF-Test] Wait for component - Table Cell Value

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Wait for component - Table Cell Value
  • From: "Patel, Hardik" <Hardik.Patel@?.com>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2016 14:17:55 +0000

Dear team,


Please let me know how to wait for the cell value “Red” of Colour(not unique) for size(Unique) “S” in the table.



















I have tried below code. However It wouldn’t work since we are supposed to provide column name after ‘@’ operator. Cell value match can be only performed for a row but not for column.

1.      Wait for component - <Table>@Size@S

2.      Fetch Index (i) - <Table>@Size@S

3.      Wait for component - <Table>@Red&$(i)


I ended up using –

1.      Wait for component - <Table>@Size@S

2.      Fetch Index (i) - <Table>@Size@S

3.      Loop – Count value has to be defined or it would turn in Infinite loop

4.      Fetch Text (t) - <Table> @Colour&$(i)

5.      If(match) – Exit

6.      else – wait 5 seconds


How can I use Wait for Component instead of Loop. Since I would like to provide time-out value. The above approach is fine for functional testing but not for performance testing since I need to get the transaction response time based on the cell value appearance in  Colour column.


Hardik Patel

Senior QA - EPG

Global Software Group - DA

Experian | Swift Park | Old Leicester Road | Rugby | CV21 1DZ

Ext: 455 4940 | Mobile : (+44) 0 7599624718




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