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Re: [QF-Test] Syntax question for IF statement using AND in QFTest

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Syntax question for IF statement using AND in QFTest
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2015 10:38:03 +0200

Hello Michael,

thanks for your answer, which is quite to the point. However, there
are some subtle details about the interaction between QF-Test and
Jython to take into account, so here are some additional explanations:

The $(...) variables are expanded first, then the whole expression is
passed to the Jython interpreter. Thus, care must be taken in case
those variables expand to strings instead of boolean or numeric
values. Strings must be quoted or Jython will try to treat them as the
names of Jython variables, which typically don't exist.

For Rick's example this means:

not $(ORFoundFlag) and "$(CurrentDateRangeSelector)" == "$(NBR_DATE_RANGES)"

It gets even more difficult if the strings might be multi-line or
contain special characters like backslash or double quotes in which
case the expanded expression would no longer be valid Jython. In such
a case - or in general as the safe alternative - one can use the
method calls rc.lookup, rc.getBool and rc.getNum. These are expanded
by the Jython interpreter, resulting in a string, boolean or number
respectively, e.g.

not rc.getBool("ORFoundFlag") and rc.lookup("CurrentDateRangeSelector") == rc.lookup("NBR_DATE_RANGES")

Please note the different ways of quoting and bracketing in the two
examples above.

Best regards,

Michael Pruemm <eso@?.org> writes:

> The IF-condition follows Python syntax. You can simply write:
>   not $(ORFoundFlag) and $(CurrentDateRangeSelector) == $(NBR_DATE_RANGES)
> Note that the keywords "not", "and", "or" must be lowercase and that the comparison uses "==" to
> test for equality.
> A technical description of this can be found in sections 5.9 Comparisons and 5.10 Boolean
> Operations of the Python language reference:
> The link is to the oldest Python 2.x version still on the Python site. QF-Test uses Jython 2.5
> which is a bit older, but the language hasn't changed regarding theses expressions.
> On 03.04.2015, at 19:19, Rick Brasche <Rick.Brasche@?.org> wrote:
>     Hello All.
>     This is probably a simple question for most of you but it’s driving me batty.
>     I have an IF condition that runs off of 3 variables.
>     One is a loop iteration count and the other is a max number of loops taken from a table.
>     The other is a flag variable set by how the SUT responds.
>     It starts the loop like this:
>     Set variable: ORFoundFlag=False
>     If data is found, it will
>     Set variable:ORFoundFlag=True
>     So at the end of each loop, I have
>     IF
>     $(ORFoundFlag) == False AND $(CurrentDateRangeSelector) = $(NBR_DATE_RANGES)
>     Which gives me a “this is not a valid test” error.
>     Adding quotes to the False does nothing either. Nor does using one =
>     I’m hoping extra experienced eyeballs can spot the problem right away.
>     Thanks in advance!
>     Rick Brasche,
>     Information Systems Business Process and Data Entry Automation
>     Home of Application Testing
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