Dear QF-Test users and interested parties,

May we invite you to our latest QF-Test 'special webinar' in September. 
Here is the announcement video on YouTube.

Travelling to Treasure Island - recover the hidden treasures in QF-Test via scripting: extending functionality via Jython, Groovy and JavaScript

I would like to show you the following topics:

  • The Scripting languages Jython, Groovy and JavaScript that are supported by QF-Test.
  • Extension of the QF-Test functionalities via Scripting.
  • QF-Test offers APIs for individual extensions, e.g.
    • Modification of component recognition with resolvers.
    • Definition of individual check types.
September 24, 2018: 16.00 - 17.30 CESTTravelling to Treasure Island - recover the hidden treasures in QF‑Test via scripting: extending functionality via Jython, Groovy and JavaScript
(German version in the morning)


A session (duration 1.5 hours) costs EUR 125 per participant (net). Reserve your seat via or +49 8171 38648-10.

You're welcome to bring your questions to the webinar, but please focus to those of general interest. Individual questions can be clarified subsequently to the session or at a separate appointment.

Best regards,


P.S.: This webinar series will continue on November 26, 2018:
Solving the component riddle: How to achieve robust component recognition in QF-Test?

More details on the presentation technology used and other information on our webinar services can be found at Webinars & Reviews and on Training & Consulting.