Dear QF-Test users and interested parties,

QF-Test 4.2.3 is now available for download.

Topics of this edition of our newsletter:

1. Highlights of QF-Test Version 4.2.3
2. QFS is a Great Place to Work
3. Next QF-Test Training Dates and Special Webinar
4. Release Notes for QF-Test Version 4.2.3

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P.S.: On June 8 our partner Dirk Schweier from Muthpartners will talk about "Synergies of test automation and load tests" at the German Testing Day in Frankfurt. 

Alternatively we recommend the Webinar about "How QF-Test and NeoLoad can provide better load tests" of April, 24. You can watch it here at Neotys. Don't be concerned about the registration form, Neotys can attribute the downloads via partner and you won't be contacted.
The German version of this webinar will take place in June.

1. Highlights of QF-Test Version 4.2.3


Download-Link for QF-Test 4.2.3

This release comes with an enhanced autowin package in the standard library qfs.qft that now also makes use of Windows UI Automation for some very basic test automation of Windows applications. It also adds support for the Shadow DOM Web API, brings updates for the latest browsers and a few more smaller features as well as several bug fixes.

The detailed list of differences between QF-Test version 4.2.2 to 4.2.3 can be found in the Release Notes in section 4 of this newsletter or online.

2. QFS is a Great Place to Work

We happily and proudly announce that QFS is a "Great Place to Work". Though we participated for the first time in this renowned competition we finished first (twice!) in the category "small companies up to 50 employees": Germany's best employer of the ITC industry as well as Bavaria's best employer 2018.

Would you like to work for the "best"? We have an open position for a software developer (m/f) in Geretsried, Germany.

... If you know someone who might be interested in this job, you can also show him or her our introduction video of QF‑Test version 4.2

3. Next QF-Test Training Dates and Special Webinar

Training at QFS

We recommend to participate in our face-to-face training QF-Test training at QFS (compact course) in small groups.


June 26-28, 2018German
November 27-29, 2018German

Training via Webinar

You can save travel time and expenses by participating in one of our trainings via webinar:


Training via webinarDate
Standard webinar trainingtime by arrangement
Company webinar training 
(exclusively for your company)
time by arrangement

Special Webinar

Martin Moser continues his popular special webinars. A special webinar session lasts about 1.5 hours and costs 125 EUR (net) per participant. Reserve your seat via or +49 8171 38648-10.


July 23, 201816.00 - 17.30 p.m. CEST: Travelling to Treasure Island -recover the hidden treasures in QF-Test via scripting: extending functionality via Jython, Groovy and JavaScript


And of course you can always book training or consulting individually for you and your company or on-site.

4. Release Notes for QF-Test Version 4.2.3

New Features:

  • The embedded Selenium WebDriver framework was updated to version 3.11.0 and ChromeDriver to version 2.38 (with support up to Chrome version 67), and Mozilla GeckoDriver to version 0.20.1 which adds support for Firefox 59. The 32bit Linux version of ChromeDriver was removed from QF-Test as it is no longer supported by the Chrome development team. If needed, the last available version (2.33) can be downloaded manually from the ChromeDriver archive.
  • QF-Test now supports the Shadow DOM API and thus interaction with web elements that are embedded in an open ShadowRoot.
  • To bridge the gap until a full Windows engine is available for QF-Test the qfs.autowin package in the standard library qfs.qft has been extended to make use of Windows UIAutomation. It includes several new procedures to automate simple tests for native Windows applications. Please see chapter 26 for detailed information.
  • When moving the mouse cursor over the menu entry for a connected client in the »Clients« menu, the main window of the respective client gets highlighted.
  • The new variable group ${idlocal:...} is similar to ${id:...} with the added effect of enforcing component lookup in the test-suite that is current at the time of expansion. See section 7.5 for further information.
  • The debug information for component recognition in the run-log is now more readable and - like other text fields in the run-log - can be opened in an external editor via the new new keyboard shortcut [Shift-Control-Return].

Bugs Fixed:

  • The deprecation warning dialog for Java WebStart in Java 9 or higher is now handled automatically by QF-Test
  • When refactoring or analyzing test-suites, rc.callProcedure calls are now taken into account everywhere, i.e. in every variable attribute and not just in script nodes.
  • A data-driver iteration inside a 'Test-step' can now be interrupted via a 'Break' node like any other node iteration.
  • Firefox in QF-Driver mode could crash on Linux when processing certain non-UTF-8-encoded strings.
  • For Chrome in QF-Driver mode right button mouse clicks did not work correctly in qooxdoo applications.
  • A missing "http:" protocol header in a proxy auto-config URL is now gets automatically corrected.
  • Getting the name for an embedded Swing window from the enclosing JavaFX SwingNode now also works with Java update 8u171.