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Second Test-case - with Error

The second test-case will show us what happens when an error occurs during test execution.

  • ActionExpand the test-case "Second (with Error)".
Figure 1.9:  The Second Test-case

Apart from the third test-step it is identical to the first test-case. So what does this one do?

Test-step: Grant 10% discount - Writes the value 10 into the discount field.

The 'Input' node is another basic action node and can be created directly via the QF-Test recording function.

  • ActionExpand the Test-step: Grant 10% Discount.
Figure 1.10:  Details of the second Test-case

Let's execute the second test-case:

  • ActionSelect the node Test-case: "Second (with Error)".
  • Click the replay button Play.

This time a dialog shows up telling us that an error occurred.

Figure 1.11:  Error in the second test-case

What happened? To find out we'll open the QF-Test run-log for error analysis.

An alternative approach for error analysis would be to execute the test-case again using the debugger. This will be explained in chapter Using the Debugger (Java).