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Manual creation of procedures

There is more than one way to create procedures and insert procedure calls. We will start with the manual one by inserting an (empty) procedure node and moving the respective actions into it. Then we will create the respective procedure call.

It is good to know those basic steps but there is a second more elegant way of creating procedures, which we will explain afterwards.

Okay, let's do it by hand. We will start with creating a procedure node and naming it appropriately.

  • ActionOpen the 'Procedures' node and keep it selected.
  • Chose »Insert«-»Procedure nodes«-»Procedure«.
  • Name it 'reset'. The other fields can be left empty.
  • Press the OK button to finalize the creation of the procedure.
  • Open the newly created 'reset' procedure node.
Create procedure node
Figure 21.2:  Create a procedure node

The second step is to fill the procedure with the respective reusable actions.

  • ActionSelect the three 'Mouse click' nodes in the test step. To select more than one node at once you can select the first one, then press the [Shift] key and, while keeping it pressed, click the last node you want to select.
  • Move them down into the procedure e.g. by mouse (drag&drop) or cut/paste from the »Edit« or context menu.
Fill procedure
Figure 21.3:  Fill in the procedure content

The third step is to add a procedure call to the place of the three 'Mouse clicks' you moved.

  • ActionSelect the test step 'Reset', which is still open.
  • Select »Insert«-»Procedure nodes«-»Procedure call« or use the [Ctrl-A] shortcut.
Insert procedure call
Figure 21.4:  Insert a procedure call
  • Action On the dialog press the procedure selection button Select procedure left of the label 'Procedure name'.
  • Select 'reset' from your test suites procedures. Other fields can be left as they are.
  • Press the OK button on both dialogs to finalize the creation of the procedure call.
Select a procedure
Figure 21.5:  Select a procedure

In order get a real benefit from the procedure, of course, we also need to replace the content of reset test step in the second test case by the 'reset' procedure call, too.

You can do it the same way as before or use the following alternative steps to create a procedure call:

  • ActionOpen the 'Reset' test step of the second test case.
  • Remove the three 'Mouse click' action nodes therein.
  • Select the 'reset' procedure node.
  • Move it via drag&drop into the 'Reset' test step (copy/paste action can be used alternatively). This does not actually move it but create a respective procedure call.

The test suite should look like this:

Test-suite with procedure
Figure 21.6:  Test-suite with procedure

When now executing the test cases the reset in meant to still work like before. Hence, in the run log you will see the same executed node as before, only preceded by the procedure call.