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Error or Exception triggering Debugging Mode

When debugging a test you may want run it until it encounters an error, an exception or sometimes even a warning and then have it pause in debugging mode.

In this section you will see how this can be done while debugging the second test-case.

  • Action Please open the debugger menu and change the default options as follows:
  • Activate the »Debugger«-»Enable debugger« menu item.
  • Also activate the »Debugger«-»Options«-»Break on error« menu item.

Afterwards, when you open the debugger menu and options submenu it should look like this:

Debugger option
Figure 14.10:  Set debugger options to pause on error

We changed the debugger options because with default settings QF-Test will not pause on exceptions or errors, as you saw earlier on.

  • ActionSelect the "Test-suite" node and start test execution via "Start test run" Play.

QF-Test will pause at the faulty node and enter debugging mode:

Test run stopped by error
Figure 14.11:  Test run stopped by error

The node which halted test execution will be indicated by an arrow and its symbol will be surrounded by a red square. Also, an error dialog will inform you about the failed check.

As always the run-log is the key to resolving errors, so let's open it and find out how to resolve the error in the next section.

Error Dialog
Figure 14.12:  Error Dialog
  • ActionClick the Jump to run-log button in the error dialog.