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Stopping the Demo

The only thing missing now is a cleanup sequence closing down the SUT.

There are usually various ways to terminate an SUT, e.g. clicking the close button of the application window, pressing ALT-F4 or via the menu action »File«-»Exit«. All these options can be directly recorded and then used in the cleanup sequence.

Let's use the first one.

  • ActionStart recodingRecord.
  • Click the window closing button of the browser.
  • You see the demo window close.
  • Stop recordingStop.
  • Rename the recorded sequence to "Stop demo".
  • Open the context menu for the recorded sequence and select »Convert into...«-»Cleanup«.
  • Finally move the cleanup node up to be the last node in the test set.

Note The cleanup node can only be dragged and dropped to the test set if the test set's last child node is collapsed. To expand or collapse a node during a drag and drop operation, hold your cursor over the triangle next to the node.

You should end up with the following:

Figure 11.13:  The simple cleanup sequence

By this we have finished with the basic steps of structuring our suite.