Test execution

When talking about test execution, there are two aspects to be considered. On one hand you need to run tests while they are developed to check them for proper operation. This situation has already been described in section 4.2. Basically all you have to do to run a test interactively is invoking »Run«-»Start« from the main menu.

On the other hand you want to run your tests periodically to ensure the stability of the system under test, for example in nightly regression tests. Instead of launching QF-Test, loading the test suite and running it from the graphical user interface, it is much more convenient here to execute tests from the command line in batch mode. This kind of running tests is explained in the first section of this chapter (Test execution in batch mode).

Sometimes, for instance when you want to run the test on a remote computer, a second variant comes into play: the daemon mode. This type of test execution, which uses a running QF-Test instance to execute tests, is the topic of the second section (Executing tests in daemon mode).

For integration of QF-Test with build tools like ant, maven or Jenkins, please refer to chapter 27.

Test execution in batch mode

Executing tests in daemon mode

Re-execution of nodes (Rerun)