Testing Java desktop applications

QF-Test's origin is testing of Java desktop applications and since 1999 a very profound support has been achieved for the basic Java UI toolkits as there are:

  • Java Swing - the UI toolkit from Sun/Oracle
  • SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) - the tookit behind Eclipse, developed by IBM
  • JavaFX - the intended successor of Java Swing from Oracle

There are also extensions/libraries available for this toolkits providing special components or framework functionalities:

  • Rich Client Platform (RCP)
  • Eclipse Plug-Ins
  • Netbeans Platform
  • JFace GUI toolkit (library based on SWT)
  • JIDE Common Layer components
  • ULC (UltraLightClient) and RIA (Rich Internet Application)
  • Java WebStart
  • ...

Desktop application based on those technologies can be tested with QF-Test in a convenient and efficient way, leading to robust and reliable test-cases with low maintenance efforts and a high benefit for the software quality assurance. All general techniques described in this manual can be applied for Java desktop testing.

There are also hybrid applications, like Java desktop applications with an embedded browser component or being displayed/rendered by a browser. Also those kind of systems can be perfectly tested with QF-Test. Please refer to Web testing and Testing Java desktop applications in a browser with Webswing and JPro respectively for further details.

Video There are short introductory videos about Java Swing testing and JavaFX testing available on our QF-Test YouTube Channel.