Result lists


Search operations like locating a reference or searching for a particular value can produce large result sets, as can operations like renaming components or procedures. In order to provide a better overview of all affected nodes QF-Test shows a mass result list at the end of such operations. This list holds all nodes that have been touched by the respective operation. Besides providing an overview that list allows you to apply mass operations on all nodes quite easily. Such mass operations could be toggling a mark at all found nodes or deleting all of them from the test suites. Those operations can be triggered by the »Edit« menu or a the table's context menu.

Sample references list
Figure 58.1:  Sample result list for 'Locate references'

The table comes with a context menu as well. This context menu allows you to perform several actions on the shown nodes. If you select entries in the result list and perform a right mouse-click you can raise some very useful actions from that menu like jumping to the node or disabling it. Depending on the type of the list there might be specific actions which only make sense in that particular context. A list of possible actions is provided in section 58.2.

Such result lists are available for the following actions:

  • Once you press Show result list on the Search or Replace dialog.
  • As result of the »Locate reference« action for callable nodes or components.
  • As result of any command which updates several nodes.
  • As result of any replacement action from the Replace dialog.
  • As result of several analyzing actions under the »Additional node operations« menu.
  • Once you open a list of breakpoints under »Debugger«-»List of all breakpoints...«.
  • Once a duplicate QF-Test component ID gets inserted or a suite with duplicate components get opened.
  • Once a node transformation changes the type of some child nodes.
  • Once you press »Edit«-»Open error list« in the run log.
  • If you update components via »Update components« all errors will be shown in such a list.

If you have lots of entries in the table you can also apply a filter at the top for limiting the nodes to the given filter values. Once you reset the filter you will see all nodes again.

Specific list actions

All types of lists

Following actions are available on all types of lists:

  • Toggle mark
  • Toggle disabled state
  • Jump to node in test suite
  • Set a breakpoint
  • Delete a node from the list only
  • Delete a node from test suite
  • Store the result in a .qcv file, for details see section 58.3
  • If the according action affects only one node you can also jump back to this.


The replacement list provides the capability of replacing only the selected values.

Error list

The error list of the run log provides capabilities to update failing checks in a bunch. It doesn't allow to delete a node from the run log of course.

Exporting and loading results

In case you have a very large result list that you need to work on within more than one session, you can store its results in an external file using the menu action »Extras«-»Export«. The export process creates a .qcv file, which is more or less a CSV file holding the information in a QF-Test internal format. To proceed with your work at a later time, simply load the previously exported .qcv file via »Operations«-»Load result list...« into QF-Test.