Daemon concepts

In daemon mode (comparable, but not equivalent to a "service" on Windows) QF-Test listens to RMI connections and providing an interface for remote test execution. This is useful for simplifying test execution in a distributed load-testing scenario, but also for integration with existing test management or test execution tools.

There are three command line arguments, all of which are available in batch and interactive mode:

  • -daemon - Run QF-Test in daemon mode.
  • -daemonport <port> - Specify the port the daemon should listen at, the default is 3543.
  • -daemonrmiport <port> - Specify the RMI port the daemon should use. Useful only when running the daemon behind a firewall. Default is a random free port.

When run in batch and daemon mode, QF-Test will not use a license. Licenses will be acquired during use as described below. In interactive daemon mode, QF-Test will be fully functional and thus use a license. In addition it will accept connections from the outside and use additional licenses during use, similar to batch mode. The latter scenario is useful during development of distributed tests.

Tests can be executed on a running daemon in one of two ways:

  • Use of QF-Test's batch commandline option -calldaemon.
  • Direct implementation against the daemon API, documented in section 53.2.

Both options are explained in more detail and accompanied by examples in section 23.2.