The following options pertain to variable binding.

Variable options
Figure 39.41:  Variable options
3.0+When binding variables, expand values immediately (System)

When a set of variable bindings is pushed onto a variable stack, any additional variable references in the values of these variables can either be expanded immediately, or the values can be left unchanged to be expanded lazily as needed. This is explained in detail in section 6.7.

For immediate expansion turn this option on, for lazy expansion turn it off.

3.0+Fall back to lazy binding if immediate binding fails (System)

Old tests that rely on lazy variable binding may fail with the new default of immediate binding. If this option is activated, variables that cannot be bound immediately due to references to not-yet-defined variables are bound lazily instead and a warning is issued. To get rid of the warning simply change the value of the respective variable to use explicit lazy binding with '$_'. Please see section 6.7 for further information.

5.1+Enable 'Local variable' attribute by default (System)

Many nodes have a 'Local variable' attribute that determines whether a result variable should get stored locally or as a global variable. If this option is activated, newly created nodes of that kind will have the 'Local variable' attribute set.

Furthermore, various kinds of variables can be defined here. These are explained in chapter 6.