A value of a table. It is identified by its column and its position in the row.

Kind: Item or syntax

SmartID: Is referenced as table sub-item via syntax

Coordinates for mouse click: Most appropriate position or center

Feature: None; for web components see 'Feature' for web components

qfs:label*: None

qfs:type: None

Additional checks:

Name in PopupDescriptionName of checktypeEngine
CellText of that cellitemAll
The cell's visible stateCheck whether table cell is visible.item_visibleAll
The cell's selected stateCheck whether table cell is selected.item_selectedAll
The cell's editable stateCheck whether table cell is editable.item_editableAll
The cell's checked stateCheck whether content inside the tablecell is checked, e.g a CheckBox.item_checkedAll
Cell imageCheck for the image of that cell.item_imageAll
Table 59.30:  Checktypes for TableCell