Sub-item of a list, can be selectable.

Kind: Item or syntax

SmartID: Class must be included

Coordinates for mouse click: Most appropriate position or center

Feature: None; for web components see 'Feature' for web components

qfs:label*: None


Item:AccordionItemSelectable tab of an accordion
Item:ComboBoxListItemItem of a list of a combobox
Item:ListItemItem of a list
Item:TabPanelItemSelectable tab of a TabPanel.
Table 59.10:  Special qfs:type values for Item

Additional checks:

Name in PopupDescriptionName of checktypeEngine
Item TextCheck for the shown textitemAll
Item visibleCheck, whether item is visibleitem_visibleAll
The item's selected stateCheck, whether item is selecteditem_selectedAll
The item's checked stateCheck, whether item is checkeditem_checkedAll
Item imageCheck for the image of that itemitem_imageNot for web
Table 59.11:  Checktypes for Item