Die Mailingliste wird zum Newsletter

Wir schließen die Mailingliste und der legitime Nachfolger ist der QF-Test Newsletter.

Nutzen Sie sonst auch gerne weitere Kanäle wie unseren QF-Test Blog oder unsere Videos

Um aktuell die Informationen zu jeder Release - auch Minor Releases - zu bekommen, können Sie den RSS-Feed abonnieren oder uns in sozialen Medien folgen.
Alternativ bietet QF-Test auch selbst eine Versionsinformation an.

Sonst bei Fragen können Sie wie immer support@remove-this.qfs.de kontaktieren.

Die Mailingliste (QF-Test Forum) wird komplett auf Englisch geführt, damit alle QF-Test-User von den Inhalten profitieren können.
Deshalb senden Sie bitte alle Fragen und Antworten auf Englisch.
Mit Hilfe der Onsite-Suche können Sie das Mailinglisten-Archiv durchstöbern.

The QF-Test mailing list / forum

This mailing list is the place to get in contact with other QF-Test users, ask questions about QF-Test, discuss new features, etc. Thereby many users can be reached immediately and the information will be archived automatically to be available as a searchable knowledge base.

The mailing list pages are available in English only so messages sent to the list should be written in English.

Searchable list archive

Messages sent to the list are stored in the archive. Before asking a question, please check the archive to see whether it has already been answered. The full-text search engine should help you find the relevant information quickly and easily.

Posting to the list

After having subscribed to the list (see below), in order to post a message to all the list members, simply send an email with your QF-Test related question/answer/comment to qftest-list@qfs.de.

When replying to mail received via the mailing list, please take a moment to consider whether to reply to the whole list or just to the mail's author. Mail headers are not modified, so a simple reply will reach the author, while a reply to all will go to the list and the author. Depending on your mail client, these functions may vary slightly.

Subscribing to the list

Subscribe to qftest-list by filling out the following form. You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you. This is a hidden list, which means that the list of members is available only to the list administrator.

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If you choose not to enter a password, one will be automatically generated for you, and it will be sent to you once you've confirmed your subscription. You can always request a mail-back of your password when you edit your personal options.

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Changing your personal options

To unsubscribe from qftest-list, get a password reminder, or change your subscription options enter your subscription email address:

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Privacy statement

Email spamming is one of the nasty plagues of our time. Though we prefer openness ourselves, we realize that email addresses are valuable and require protection. We cannot guarantee that your addresses will be safe, but the following measures should help to protect your addresses from spam-bots and the like:

All email addresses in messages stored in the archive are rendered useless by removing the domain part. Note that mail sent to the list subscribers is not modified.
The subscribers list is not publicly available.
The mailing list is moderated to block spam and viruses sent to the list.

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