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[QF-Test] How do I update and existing value in a CSV file?

  • Subject: [QF-Test] How do I update and existing value in a CSV file?
  • From: Mike Harper <mharpsnz@?.com>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018 14:23:22 +1200
  • Delivered-to: qftest-list@?.net
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I am very new to QF-Test, Groovy, _javascript_ etc. and am finding it incredibly difficult finding out how I can update an existing value in a CSV file.

I have searched the archives but can't find anything that shows me how to do this.

My test uses a CSV Data File to pull in the CSV file values.
The CSV data contains two rows:

These values are strung together then a SQL statement is used to see if the full CIV Number can be found in the Database.

If found to exist, I add 1 to the CIVPart2 value and check again - doing this until a record is not found in the database.

I then need to add 1 to the calculated CIVPart2 value and write it back to the CIV file so that when the test runs again, the SQL statement won't reuse values that have already been proven to exist.

I am thinking I need to use aServer Script to achieve the required result. Have been using Groovy to date.

So, can someone step me through the coderequired to update the existing CSV file so that it contains the new value please? (Am almost bald from pulling my hair out)

Thanks in advance for your help.