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[QF-Test] Table cell selection and population

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Table cell selection and population
  • From: "Liu, Kevin (DPTI)" <Kevin.Liu@?.au>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2017 07:19:48 +0000
  • Delivered-to: qftest-list@?.net

Hello everyone,


I want to select a table cell at row 11, column 2 and populate that cell with a value ‘1’



Now I’ve created a Jython SUT script as shown below:



And I am calling the procedure ‘selectCell’ from qft.qft, but when I ran the following Jython SUT script (P.S. I’ve tried the different rc.callProcedure as you seen in the commented lines, they all failed with different errors):


from java.math import BigDecimal


#rc.callProcedure("table.selectCell", {"id": "dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:"}, {"column": "2"}, {"row": "11"}, {"columnSeparator": "&"}, {"rowSeparator": "&"})

#rc.callProcedure("table.selectCell", {"id": "dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:"}, {"column": "2"}, {"row": "11"})

#rc.callProcedure("table.selectCell", {"id": "dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:", "column": "2", "row": "11"})

#rc.callProcedure("table.selectCell", "dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:&2&11")

#rc.callProcedure("table.selectCell", {"id": "dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:"}, {"dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:&2&11"})

#rc.callProcedure("table.selectCell", {"dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:"}, {"dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:&2&11"})

rc.callProcedure("qfs.swing.table.selectCell", {"id": "dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:"}, {"column": 2}, {"row": 11})

bd1 = BigDecimal($(amount))

bd2 = BigDecimal("0.05")

numericDen05 = bd1.divide(bd2, 2, BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP)

table = rc.getComponent("dialogCash_Dissection.tableTOTAL:")

rows = table.getRowCount()

print rows 



I got a script error and followed by a deadlock issue




Any ideas on how to select a table cell based on the column and row number without deadlock issues?


And with the table cell population, is there any existing qft api reference I can just call? Or do I create a text input node after the Jython SUT script?


Thanks in advance





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