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[QF-Test] QF-Test Version 4.1.4 Released

  • Subject: [QF-Test] QF-Test Version 4.1.4 Released
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2017 12:20:06 +0200
  • Delivered-to: qftest-list@?.net

Dear QF-Test users,

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 QF-Test Version 4.1.4 Released

QF-Test version 4.1.3 is now available for download from

Besides the usual bug fixes this release adds support for Eclipse/SWT
4.7 "Oxygen" and comes with updates for the AJAX toolkit Qooxdoo and
new Selenium WebDriver libraries that support the latest versions of
Chrome and Firefox.

 Release Notes for QF-Test Version 4.1.4

New features:

* Support for Eclipse/SWT 4.7 "Oxygen" has been added.

* The embedded Selenium WebDriver framework was updated to version
  3.4.0, ChromeDriver to version 2.29 (with support up to Chrome
  version 58) and GeckoDriver to 0.16.1 which includes support for
  Firefox 53 and higher.

* Support for the AJAX toolkit Qooxdoo has been updated to latest
  generic class concept.

* When continuing test execution after a break, the bottom-right view
  now automatically switches from the variables to the terminal.

* Tabs in the project view now have a context menu and can be closed
  via a middle button click.

* The manual chapter about modifying the CustomWebResolver for AJAX
  toolkits has been updated to match the latest state of development.

* The procedure qfs.autowin.acrobat.saveAsText now automatically
  handles the protected mode warnings by clicking "Enable all

* By using the new method resolvers.addSpecificExtraFeatureMatcher to
  register an ExtraFeatureMatcher with the resolvers module, the
  feature name can be specified at registration time.

Bugs fixed:
* A possible NumberFormatException - introduced in QF-Test 4.1.3 - for
  batch mode execution with -verbose [<level>] has been fixed.

* In some cases using the advanced replace dialog to replace the
  regular expression .* with an empty string could lead to an
  exception or to table entries being deleted without confirmation.

* TestLink import scripts could have been broken in case of unicode
  characters in test-case names of TestLink.

* When text containing double quotes got pasted from the system
  clipboard to variables or any other table the double quotes could
  get lost.

* When determining extra feature qfs:label for ComboBox, Spinner or
  Slider components, the tool tip could mistakenly get used instead of
  the nearest label.

* The @rerun doctag was not properly evaluated in a node with
  additional lines in the comment.

* The command line argument -plugindir <directory> was ignored in
  batch mode.

* Selecting a component via the chooser might create an explicit
  reference even though the component was part of an included

* Explicit component references within the local test-suite were not
  taken into account when looking for unused components.

* Analyzing references of relative test-calls didn't work correctly.

* Duration and realtime are now updated correctly when merging

* In case the fallback library for Jython version 2.5 is installed the
  Jython package cache now gets activated by default as it was in
  QF-Test version 4.0.

* If the option "Intelligent scrolling in trees" was deactivated there
  were cases when the selected node was not scrolled visible in the
  tree at all, e.g. after a search or when entering the debugger.

* In some cases custom mappings of classes were not taken into account
  for testing with AJAX resolvers.

* The libraries required for hardware accelerated graphics in the
  embedded Chrome browser were removed again because they could cause
  a crash when opening a popup window.

* Caching of non-standard attributes in the embedded Chrome browser
  was broken in QF-Test version 4.1.3 which could lead to component
  recognition issues in special cases.

* Many debug messages from GeckoDriver and Mozilla Marionette are now
  filtered from the shared terminal.

* In some cases clearing the browser cache during startup could cause
  Edge to hang for up to several minutes.

* The entry for showing available methods was missing from the menu
  for JavaFX component recording.

Gregor Schmid

E: gregor.schmid@?.de
T: +49 8171 38648-11
F: +49 8171 38648-16

Quality First Software GmbH |
Tulpenstr. 41 | 82538 Geretsried | Germany
GF Gregor Schmid, Dr. Martina Schmid, Karlheinz Kellerer
HRB München 140833