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Re: [QF-Test] PDF in web browser - saveAsText

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] PDF in web browser - saveAsText
  • From: "Thomas Max, QFS Support" <support@?.de>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 16:54:55 +0200

Hello Marek,

thanks for the hint.

This might be caused by some Adobe Acrobat Reader Update and it is still
behaving a bit different on several machines. On my machine it's
wxWindowNR and on another one it is wxWindowClassNR.

We will integrate this in the next QF-Test release with a slight change
to match both variants:

if w.isVisible() and (cname=="wxWindowClassNR" or cname=="wxWindowNR"):

Concerning your second question about adding the "inlineDisplay"
parameter to qfs.autowin.acrobat.saveAsText as well.

This might make no sense because the inline displayed PDF provides no
option to save it as text.

Best regards,

-------- Original Message --------
Hello Thomas,

I am running Windows 7 64bit, QF-Test version 4.0.7 and Adobe Acrobat
Reader XI version 11.0.12

I have upgraded the acrobat to DC version 2015.008.20082 and I was still
unable to save the page with save PDF or saveAsText.

Maybe I was doing something wrong:

I started the Internet Explorer browser with url  of the pdf file. Then
I called procedure qfs.autowin.acrobat.savePDF with following parameters:

filename:             C:\work\seite.pdf

Title:      Browser-Fenster – Dokument Name - Windows Internet Explorer

titleRegexp:       false

dialogTitle:          Speichern unter.*|Save .s.*|Save a Copy.*|Kopie

timeout:              30000

overwriteExistingFile:    false

windowtimer:   30000

savetimer:          3

inlineDisplay:     false

That didn’t work, it just threw UserException "Cannot find an open Adobe
Reader window".

Then I started playing with the savePDF script and figured out, what was
possibly wrong – the function findInlinePDFWindow.

In this method the expected window class is “wxWindowNR” but on my
system it is “wxWindowClassNR”. Other problem is that the following
condition for the window name checks only empty string. When I changed
it, it started to work.

This is the new method:

def findInlinePDFWindow():

     wins = Wnd.getAllWindows()

     for w in wins:

         cname = w.getWindowClassName();

         if w.isVisible() and cname=="wxWindowClassNR":

             wname = w.getWindowText()

             title = rc.lookup("title")

             regTitle = re.compile(title)

             if regTitle.match(wname):

                 childs = Wnd.getChildWindows(w)

                 for c in childs:

                     cText = c.getWindowText()

                     name = ".*Adobe.*Reader.*"

                     reg = re.compile(name)

                     if reg.match(cText):

                         window = c

                         return window

It would be nice to fix this in a next patch and also improve the
SaveAsText function to accept the “inlineDisplay” parameter.

Cheers Marek

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