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[QF-Test] Wrong thread events error level to warning

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Wrong thread events error level to warning
  • From: "Rahkola, Katri (NSN - FI/Tampere)" <katri.rahkola@?.com>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 12:36:38 +0000

I’m trying to change wrong thread events error level to warning with Jython Server script from Event Handling options, but not succeeding. This is how I tried (the whole script):
rc.setOption(Options. OPT_PLAY_WRONG_THREAD_ERROR_LEVEL, val)
Should there be something else also because this is not working? I checked the options from your Manual from this section:
How to handle events coming from the wrong thread (System)
It is a rather common mistake in Swing based Java applications to access GUI components from the wrong thread. Since Swing is not thread-safe, such calls may only be made from the AWT event dispatch thread. Otherwise the potential consequences are race conditions, leading to very subtle and hard-to-debug errors, or deadlocks, freezing the application and making it unusable. Background information about this topic is available from , specifically the sections on "Initial Threads" and "The Event Dispatch Thread".
When QF-Test registers an event on a thread other than the AWT event dispatch thread it issues an error message including a stack trace which can be useful in fixing the problem. This set of options defines the severity of the message, whether to perform strict checking and a maximum for the number of messages to log.
The possible choices for the option "Error level" are "Error" and "Warning". We strongly suggest that you keep the default setting of "Error" and make sure that such problems are fixed sooner rather than later because they represent a serious risk.
Another question is that how can I check the current value of ‘Options. OPT_PLAY_WRONG_THREAD_ERROR_LEVEL’?
I have version 3.5.0 from QFtest.
Thanks and Br,