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Re: [QF-Test] QF-TEST tool does not recognize components.

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] QF-TEST tool does not recognize components.
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 08:46:56 +0200

Hello Matheus,

such specific questions are better addressed to our support that to
the mailing list because they cannot be answered without further

Anyway, please take a close look at manual chapter 6


and make sure that you understand the difference between a
ComponentNotFoundException and a NoSuchComponentException. The latter
means that the ID you passed to the procedure as a parameter is not
valid, i.e. there is no 'Component' node with that ID in your

If section 6.9 about troubleshooting component recognition issues
doesn't help, please send a run-log with the
ComponentNotFoundException to our support along with your test-suite
and another test-suite that includes a new recording of the failed
sequence right after the exception to our support.

Best regards,

Matheus Alves Silveira <matheus.silveira@?.com> writes:

> Good Afternoon!
> I have a great problem with your tool.
> I'm trying execute a procedure that  to open an item in a particular menu the tool doesn't
> recognize the compontente.
> I've tried to write the same script again and the problem persisted.
> When I execute the procedure appears this message:
> [B]     
> I tried using a standard procedure library qfs.qft (qfs.swing.menu.selectItem) and the problem was
> not solved.
> When I excecute the call procedure appears this message:
> [wE9Zmg]
> I need to solve this very problem
> Is attached prints of the error messages.
> Graciously,
> --
> Matheus Alves Silveira
> Produtos / Gestão Comercial
> MATERA Systems
> matheus.silveira@?.com
> +55 19 3794-7700
> +55 19 3794-7739 (fax)
> MATERE-se: www.matera.com/blog
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