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[QF-Test] Internet Explorer - Input File Field

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Internet Explorer - Input File Field
  • From: David Bullock <david.bullock@?.com>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 10:22:01 +0000



We’re currently experiencing some issues using the File Chooser component on a web page in Internet Explorer (we’re using Internet Explorer 8 and QFS v3.4.6)


Double-clicking in the input file field (or clicking on the ‘browse’ button) brings up a ‘File Upload’ dialog first:


Description: cid:image001.png@01CCFDDB.2E9C4480


QF-Test is recognising this, and gives it a component name of ‘Upload Dialog’, and adds a ‘wait’ for it. 

However, clicking on either the ‘OK’ or the ‘Cancel’ button doesn’t record anything, so on playback, we just get stuck here. 

Even if I tweak it manually so that the file upload dialog itself appears, nothing that I record here is actually recognised, either. 

(Select the record button, do stuff, stop recording, you get a message ‘ not events were recorded’).


Has anyone come across this already or have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance for any help or advice.



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