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[QF-Test] imagewrapper from server script for batch run log screenshots

  • Subject: [QF-Test] imagewrapper from server script for batch run log screenshots
  • From: "Christopher Prengel" <c.prengel@?.com>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 15:29:20 +0100



I was trying to get your manual example to work (example 30.2 in the English version), and was able to solve

my problem under Windows XP as follows:

from imagewrapper import ImageWrapper

#create ImageWrapper instance

iw = ImageWrapper(rc)

#take screenshot of the whole screen

currentScreenshot = iw.grabScreenshot()

#save screenshot to a file

iw.savePng("C:/Program Files/qfs/qftest291/qftest-2.9.1/doc/tutorial/tmp_QFS_shots/ss1.png", currentScreenshot)


Two things to notice:

1.       Forward slash in path name, and

2.       Location of the path within my QF-Test installation directory


I could not place the path outside of the QF-Test installation directory, even after setting properties to be not read-only.

I did not examine the issue any further (to find the real cause(s) of the problem), and confess I am no Windows expert.

It then occurred to me how convenient it might be to have a screenshot node that one could insert within test cases that are run in batch mode, since the run log of qftest provides a very nice format. Placing an intentional rc.logError in a server script is not a viable solution, as it throws an exception that is caught by the Cleanup node.

Or maybe a logMessage with an additional parameter for a screenshot might be a possibility?

Any comments?


Kind regards,






           Christopher Prengel


           MATRIXWARE Information Services GmbH

           Lehargasse 11/8, 1060 Vienna, Austria, Europe

           Phone  +43 (1) 585 73 61 – 6056