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[QF-Test] Writing to the Debug console when using -dbg Command Line Argument...

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Writing to the Debug console when using -dbg Command Line Argument...
  • From: "Derrik Ammons" <dammons@?.COM>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:58:14 -0700

How can I send output to the Debug Console when I use the -dbg Command Line Argument when executing in batch mode?


Chapter 20 says that this also turns on debugging output for the qfclient and java helper programs when using the old connection mechanism that is described in chapter 4.  However, I did not see where I can access this console in chapter 4.  Is there some API call or procedure call that I can use so I can print output to the Debug console?


I know I can see output in the Run Log, but that is after the fact.  I would like to see debug statements real time.  Is this possible?


This brings me to the real problem which I wanted to capture in the Debug console.  I had used the -variable name=value Commond Line Argument as part of the batch process, but when I tried to access the variable where name is “somename” and value is “true”, in an If node, where the condition is $(somename), I get an UnboundVariableException.


Is this because the “somename” variable is a “System” variable and can not be accessed this way?


How do I access the variable that was set in my Command Line Argument?