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Re: [QF-Test] Fetch Text Node and the apostrophe '

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Fetch Text Node and the apostrophe '
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: 22 Oct 2007 16:43:44 +0200

Hello Michael,

from the second screenshot I gather that you are expanding the
variable you read from the SUT in an If node with a condition similar

"$(text)" == "something"

The explanation for the 'Condition' attribute in manual section 18.6.4
includes the following:

    Note: Accessing QF-Test variables in a condition follows the same
    rules as in Jython scripts (see subsection 14.3.3). You can use
    the standard QF-Test syntax $(...) and ${...:...} for numeric or
    boolean values. String values should be accessed with

So simply use

rc.lookup("text") == "something"

instead and you should be fine. The same applies to all condition
attributes and to SUT or Server script nodes, i.e. all places where a
$(...) expression would be expanded _before_ being passed to the
Jython interpreter - potentially causing problems due to embedded
special characters - whereas rc.lookup("...") is expanded by the
Jython interpreter.

Best regards,

Michael.Weinen@?.net writes:

>    Hi,
>    I need to read out a text of the Staus Line (ComboBox) from the SUT to
>    decide the further reactions in my Test Suite.
>    So far no problem: I simple use the Fetch Text Node of QF-Test.
>    But the String given out by the SUT often contains an simple apostrophe
>    ' .
>    In this cases the following Processes e. g. all checks or SUT Scripts
>    break with an Error Message "Invalid Syntax".
>    For better understanding I will put 2 screenshots as attachment to this
>    e-mail.
>    How can i do the checks on this variables?
>    Is it possible to filter the apostrophes or all special signs out of
>    the variable - perhaps with an SUT Script?
>    A workaround wold be to split or cute the text before this special
>    sign, but all my attempts of this result in the same error.
>    Thanks for your assistance
>    Michael
>    ______________________________________________________________________
>    Michael Weinen
>    Application Support Specialist
>    VEDA GmbH
>    Carl-Zeiss-Straße 14
>    52477 Alsdorf
>    Tel.:   +49 2404 5507-1647
>    Fax:    +49 2404 5507-2647
>    E-Mail: [1]michael.weinen@?.net
>    Web:    [2]http://www.veda.net
>    VEDA GmbH, Amtsgericht Aachen HRB 1501,
>    Geschäftsführer: Dr. Ralf Gräßler & Klaus Pohlmann
>    Sitz der Gesellschaft: Alsdorf
>            Fortschritt durch Innovation - Wirkung. Immer. Überall.
>    [3]VEDA Forum 2007 21. - 22. November 2007 Sofitel Aachen Quellenhof

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