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[QF-Test] CSV Data driven loops

  • Subject: [QF-Test] CSV Data driven loops
  • From: "Tom Hughbanks" <thughbanks@?.net>
  • Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 11:29:35 -0500

Hi - Is it possible to use the same CSV file for different test cases?  I would like to reference different rows or sheets or fields or whatever depending on which test case is running.
Can different rows be referenced by different tests, or use data for one loop, and then continue in the file with another loop?
For example, I would like to use a file for two test cases.  One for a loop that needs to run through five rows and perform one test-case, and then go through the rest of the rows with a different set of tests.  The first few would have the same data as the others; I would just like to perform a subset of the tests on the those rows.
I would also like to use the same file for login information, if that's possible.  Of course the columns in this case would be different than those used in the rest of the tests.
In other situations, I would put the data in different sheets in Excel and then reference the sheet for each situation, but I don't know how this would work with CSV files.  I am not yet comfortable with using Jython to handle this and am hoping this can be done with the normal data drivers.
The only way I can currently think to do this is to use separate CSV files.
Thanks for any help.

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